I’m a small but energetic person with a lifelong love of words. This love has driven me to study many languages and attempt every known genre of writing. At the moment, I’m mostly restricting myself to novels, songs and speeches, but I’ve dabbled in poetry, plays, short stories, and far odder things, like concocting Harry Potter themed acronyms (I captained the Good Ship LOLLIPOPS—Love Of Lily Left Ire Polluting Our Poor Severus—several years before the final book came out!).

When I chose the URL of this blog, my plan was to make it a style blog. I delight in my wardrobe, which I see as a gallery of wearable art. Alas, a year’s passed and I haven’t yet mustered the courage to post regular photos of my outfits. I have, however, published a novel*. Everyone tells me authors should keep a writer’s blog, so I decided to use the one I’ve got. Hopefully anyone who’s reading will cope if I occasionally post outfits instead…



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  1. Hello Fiona I am emailing from the Louis Joel Arts & Community Centre in Altona. We are putting together a series of “coffee with an author” sessions to be held in various cafes around Hobsons Bay. I am wondering if you would be interested in participating as a guest author?

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