Publication eve!

One more sleep until the publication of my debut novel!

Long time in the making, this moment, given that I decided I wanted to be a writer at six (before that I wanted to be a ballerina, principally because I was in love with pink tutus and wanted a career where I’d get to wear one). By fourteen, I was trying out and practising different versions of my signature, so that I could do my novels justice when the time came for selling signed copies for my launch. I still use the version I decided on today.

Now that the moment is here, of course, the times, they have a-changed. The publishing contract for ‘Let Down Your Hair’ is “digital-first”, which means that carefully rehearsed signature won’t have anywhere to go (unless I sell over 500 copies, whereupon they’ll offer it as print-on-demand). As a model that enables publishers to take a risk on new authors, I’m all for it, even if my Inner Fourteen-Year-Old is pouting.

The same goes for the launch, which is all a bit virtual when the book is a digital file. Still, it’s mid-December, and however great that may be for sales, it really ain’t ideal for launches. Who can fit in yet another function two weeks before Christmas? My plan is to content myself with a small night out, and hope for a physical book to launch next year. Until then, I’ll satisfy my launchtime urges by printing off a flyer, folding it into a plane, and releasing it tomorrow from a Rapunzelesque top floor window…


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